Tilly is your online resource for custom and personalized professional landscape plans.


At Tilly, we believe every home deserves a beautiful landscape. Wherever you live our service provides customers with access to high end design without a high end price tag.


Headquartered in New York, the Tilly Design team is led by founding partner Blythe Yost, who has been practicing landscape architecture for over 15 years.

Yost is the Principal and Founder of two landscape companies in New York whose projects include everything from contemporary cottage courtyards to multi-acre estates. Yost has executed projects across the country and has an especially loyal customer base in the Tri-state area, including Greenwich, Westchester, the Hamptons and Manhattan. Yost graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture and a focus on horticulture and the arts.


Our Mission


Tilly’s mission is to take the intimidation out of the world of landscaping and make high-end, beautiful design available to every homeowner.

With a highly digitized world, Tilly seeks to challenge the antiquated landscape space and create a simple user-friendly experience that caters to the customer’s schedule, budget, and busy multi-tasking lifestyle.

Founded by four working moms, with ten kids between them, time saving services, cost-friendly experiences, and improving your home is a huge win.

The world is a better place with more flowers and greenery - we want to change the way you look at your yard - love your landscape!


The idea for Tilly sprouted (#plantpun intended!) amongst four high school friends during an annual summer reunion in Montauk, NY. Sitting amidst one friend’s backyard, the conversation veered into a need for creative, accessible landscape design that could be done remotely and without the high price tag.

They realized a beautiful space was a priority to them and their families, but there seemed to be a lack of attainable and easy to use resources. With Blythe as the resident landscape expert and the others providing a plethora of business savvy, the team decided to see what might grow...


Oh, we’re glad you asked!

Tilly is short for Tillandsia.

Tillandsia is a genus of perennial flowering plants in the Bromeliaceae family…have we lost you yet? Don’t worry, you can call her Tilly! She’s the super cool air plant you’ve seen on your Instagram feed that gets the majority of their nutrients from the air so can grow just about anywhere! They are low maintenance and most importantly, fun!