Why Tilly?

Why should I hire Tilly instead of designing myself?

Partner with a professional to ensure your design will flow and mature beautifully. First impressions are everything and the right curb appeal and landscaping can add considerable value to your home!


I don't know anything about gardening or plants, can I use Tilly?

Yes, Tilly is a simple and easy to use resource no matter the color of your thumb. The detailed plans Tilly provides give you the tools to successfully DIY or hire a landscaper to install your design.


What is the difference between partnering with Tilly and a local landscape professional?

Partnering with Tilly is a fraction of the cost with the same professional results- all just a click away!


General Questions

What information does Tilly need from me to get started?

For the mini package you'll need to answer a few questions. Additionally, for the basic and full packages we'll need photos of your space, simple measurements, your property survey (if you have it) and a few minutes to chat on the phone! The process is easy and efficient with Tilly designers available for guidance along the way. Click here to dig in!


Do I need a property survey?

We don't require one, but it's strongly encouraged because your design will be more accurate and therefore better suited to your outdoor space. If previous work has been done on your house, there is a good chance the local building department will have a copy that you can request.


I don't know my garden style?

That's okay! You can take the Tilly garden style quiz to help define your style or your Tilly designer can help you during your call!


Can Tilly work with any budget?

Tilly designs within the budget range you provide. We understand many customers may not be familiar with the costs of landscaping and are happy to provide budget ranges to get you started.


How personalized are the designs?

Have a favorite oak tree you want to design around? An awkward sloping lawn? A lot of shade? All designs are completely personalized to your yard, needs, and geographic location! There will be opportunities to share information about your space in the "Get Started" forms and during your phone consultation.


I'm not sure which service is best for my needs, what do I do?

You can find Tilly's package descriptions here or if you feel yours is a more custom project, feel free to email us at


Once I have my plants, what are my next steps?

Your plans will include the exact size and quantity of plants you’ll need to bring your design to life, an aerial map with plant placement, images of each plant, as well as detailed installation and maintenance instructions. You can order your plants from wherever you prefer and put on your overalls (or chic ripped jeans) to DIY - or have a landscaper install!


What should I expect during my phone consultation?

A friendly conversation! Your designer will ask about you, your home, personal style, the use of your space and what you want to achieve. We're happy to FaceTime, Google Hangout, or Skype if you'd like to invite us in!


Have a question we didn’t answer? Email us at OR fill out the form below.